Revolutionizing nanomaterials discovery and manufacture.

We accelerate next generation products into reality for sustainable development



Our unique technology strategy integrates advanced microreactors, machine learning and automation to shift the paradigm of R&D.


After years of validation, we’ve created a platform that reduces the cost of scale-up by 90%, whether its an inorganic nanoparticle or metal organic framework.


We provide these technologies to advanced materials industries, from electronics to pharmaceuticals, with a comprehensive product platform.


Use our unique equipment to develop, scale-up and manufacture nanomaterials with unprecedented control over shape, size and throughput. By accessing high and precise hydrodynamic shear forces, you can control vital material properties without the need for expensive chemicals and hazardous operating conditions.


Employ our software, AMLearn, to integrate machine learning with your automated laboratory operations to achieve "self-driving" capabilities. Experience 10x improvements in experimental efficiency and stress-free automation.


Work with our team to get the most out of our platform. With our on-demand customer services we help you with training, implementation and improving your R&D processes.


Access our in-house library of synthetic protocols for R&D and Production. It's an ever-expanding, validated database for a wide range of materials, from silver nanoparticles to 2D hydrotalcites.

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Adopting new technologies can be daunting. AM makes the transition smooth and efficient with outstanding customer services and intuitive design.

High Precision

Precision is paramount in optimizing the performance of nanomaterials, whether it's the size of a quantum dot or the shape of a coating additive. Our platform enables

Morphology control

Our unique reactor technologies enable unprecedented control over nanomaterial morphology, whether its a sheet, rod, sphere or star.

Rapidly Scale

Our scalable reactors and distribution manifolds allow users to rapidly scale production to meet growing demands.

Low-waste Approach

Our AI and reactor technologies empower users to use less dangerous solvents and rapidly optimize their operation, minimising emissions throughout the manufacturing process and promoting resource efficiency.



Sensors, Solar Cells, Displays


Process Optimization, Crystallization


UV Blocking, Antimicrobial

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